Faculty of Arts and Social Science, National University of Singapore

Faculty of Arts and Social Science, National University of Singapore
Overseas Module Reporting Form
Student Exchange Programme: Sem ______ AY _______________
Name & Matric no:
Faculty/Major/Year of
SEP University:
Module Code/ Title:
Credits by PU
NUS Module Code
*Please indicate possible NUS code for the module if applicable
Level (Year 1, 2, 3, 4,
grad.) [see note 3
To be Credited at NUS
Essential (Major or Minor)/ Elective (Major or Minor)/ Unrestricted Electives/ Breadth/ GEM/ USP*
Module Synopsis (Provide a summary and appropriate weblink for information and verification)
For Official Use Only: * please circle accordingly
Dept/ Faculty SEP Coordinator: approved/ Not approved *
Is this a module within your discipline? Yes/ No *
If yes, at what level would you place this module? 1000 / 2000 / 3000 / 4000? *
If there is a duplicate module in the Department, please indicate below. If not please indicate the dummy
exchange code. _____________________
Reasons for non- approval
Signature: _____________________
Name: ________________________
Date: _________________________
Notes to Students
1. This form can be used for SEP as well as summer courses read overseas.
2. Modules that are graded as well as read on pass/fail basis in the partner universities can
have their credits transferred back to NUS. However, you must achieve at least a pass in
order to transfer the credits.
3. Please ensure that all information relating to the overseas module can be verified through a
URL. Please do not contact overseas lecturers or institutions by email regarding module
details, except to inquire about location of URL.
4. Obtaining this information may require you to enter more general university web-sites, such
as that of the faculty/school, registrar’s office, etc. If exact information is not available, an
approximate but evidence-based explanation is acceptable.
5. Please keep a copy of this for your own record. There is no need to submit a copy to
Dean’s Office.
6. MC Exchange Ratio: Please refer to this website for the MC equivalent for both SEP as
well as summer courses read at our overseas partner universities.
7. Please note that where Departments have approved for actual NUS module codes; the
actual MC per course is determined by the Dean’s Office based on the MC Ratio list and
not by the Departments. It does not mean that the courses approved by Departments are
automatically 4 MC each.
8. For students heading to summer schools in Korea, please note that for all the courses done
at Korean Universities based on the list above:
a. One 3 credit course= 3.52 MC= 4 MC
b. Two 3 credit courses= 7.06 MC = 7 MC
c. Three 3 credit courses= 10.59 MC= 11 MC