Social Event Registration Form

Social Event Registration Form
Must be completed and received by the Assistant Director of the Center for Student Involvement for Greek Life at
least 5 working days prior to event.
Name of Person Submitting Form:
Phone Number:
Sponsoring Organization(s):
Date of Event:
Event Start Time:
Event End Time:
Event Name and Theme:
Event Type (mixer, formal, etc.):
Estimated Attendance: Actives:
Date Party
Non Members:
Description of Event Activities:
Location of Event:
Location Contact Name:
Phone Number:
Will transportation be provided?
If yes, what type (bus, limo, shuttle, taxi, etc.)?
Name of Transportation Company:
Phone number of Transportation Company:
We, the undersigned, do hereby state that the information provided is true and accurate. We understand the
IFC/Panhel Bylaws prohibit the presence of alcohol at new member activities, and alcohol will not be present at any
new member activity. We also understand that we cannot designate an end time to the social event and continue
with an event at the same location or at another location on the same day as this event. We understand that alcohol
cannot be present at any event held at a private residence, fraternity/sorority house, or any other on campus
Chapter Social Chair/ New Member Educator/ President
Chapter Social Chair/ New Member Educator/ President
(If there are more than 2 sponsoring organizations, add signatures to the back of this form.)
Date Received by CSI:
□ Event Approved
Person Receiving Form:
□ Event Denied
Signature, Center for Student Involvement:
Date of Approval/Denial: