phase diagram CO2

Chemistry August
2013 NOTES #7
Ch. 2 and video on Phase Diagrams 12 minutes
Label Axis for y ________________________________
Label Axis for x ________________________________
What is the name of the diagram in the Video _____________________
Draw Diagram you see on the back of this page, label the substance on the
top, include all numerical values listed on the graph
Label the states of matter in the correct location.
What is 1.0 atmosphere represent on the diagram
What is the a melting point for this substance? ____________________
At what pressure and temperature is CO2 in all states?
This is called what?
If you can get the conditions to be 1 atm and – 78 -80 C, what happens?
At standard pressures, do you see liquid carbon dioxide
The lower the pressure, what happens to the melting pt?
Where does sublimation occur? Label on your diagram