WWII Notes
Read the Outline carefully; from Johnson and Zinn get only the answers to the questions
Outline: p219 (“War and Uneasy Neutrality”) - 226
Johnson: Part 7 “US Isolationism…” through “Nuclear Weapons…” (textbook 768-804)
Zinn: Chapter 16: “A People’s War?”
Homework Questions
1. According to Zinn, was WWI a “People’s War”? Why or why not? Be specific.
2. According to Johnson, what factors did and did not cause American entry in WWII? Be specific.
3. What effects did WWII have on America’s Home Front after Pearl Harbor?
Lecture outline
1) Totalitarianism and Fascism
2) The Road to War, 1929-1939
5) The Home Front
a) Ending the Depression
a) Asian issues
b) Expanding Government
b) European Issues
c) Propaganda
3) The Early War, 1939-1941
a) Fall of France
b) Battle of Britain
d) Minority Gains
e) Minority Losses
6) Ending the War, 1942-1945
c) Invasion of Russia
a) Turning Point Battles
d) Japanese Expansion
b) Defeating Germany
4) American Entry
a) Isolationism
c) Defeating Japan
7) Consequences of WWII
b) Neutrality Acts
a) Death & Destruction
c) Growing Activism
b) Holocaust & Beyond
d) Pearl Harbor
c) Bipolar World & Cold War