Reading Timeline

Timeline: World War II Looms
Failure of the World War I Peace Settlement:
How did the treaty of Versaille fail to
secure justice and peace?.
Americans cling to Isolationism: Why did
Americans resort to Isolationism after
WWI? What were the Neutrality Acts?
Neutrality Breaks Down: How did
President Roosevelt break neutrality?
Who was he trying to help?
Joseph Stalin Transforms the Soviet Union:
How did Stalin gain total control of the
Soviet Union? How many deaths was he
responsible for?
Militarists Gain Control in Japan: What ideology
did militarist Japanese share with Hitler?
Why is Manchuria important?
Rise of Fascism in Italy: What was Italian
Fascism? Why did Italians elect
Mussolini as their leader?
Nazis Take Over Germany: Explain Adolf
Hitlers ideas of purification and
Before the attack on Pearl
Harbor there was lots of
turmoil happening around
the world. Briefly expalin
what was happening in
countries like Italy, Russia,
Germany and Japan. Do you
think that President
Roosevelt’s decision to help
China contributed to the
attack on Pearl Harbor?