Week 7 Notes

MIS Notes
Enterprise Resource Management
Information Silos
ERP System- Primary purpose- Integration- Solves problem of information silos
Goal- to have all processes draw from a single data source, not discreet databases
---- See slides for very good pictures and graphs that show more information, and
make this all more clear
EAI- Enterprise Application Integration
o Creates a server that connects silos
o Doesn’t run in real time, often uploads in batches
o Can cost more in long run
o Used when you are entrenched in an older system
ERP- Enterprise Resource Planning
o Integrates under one dataset- single centralized database- As opposed
to EAI
o More expensive than EAI- requires trainingo Solves real-time problem- Example- If two customers order at same
time, without up-to-date databases you may not realize it
 Comes from MRP+ MRPII= Manufacturing software
 ERP adoption driven by Y2K- worries over bugginess
with year 2000
 Also driven by Sarbanes- Oxley Act
o -Executives held responsible for accounting
Configuration- Customization of ERP software to meet different customer
requirements without changing program code
Five Components of ERP System
1. Software
 Configurations
2. Hardware
3. Data
 Very large
4. Procedures
 Training
5. People- Most difficult to deal with
 Three groups
o Users
o Analysts- Responsible for maintenance and adaptation
o Consultants- Initial and ongoing training and configuration
Then we played the lego brick game.