Grade Expectation Sheet 2015-2016

H. Frank Carey High School
English 11
Student’s Name: _________________________________________
Teacher’s Name: Mrs. Hoffman
E-mail Address: [email protected]
Phone Number: (516) 539-9423
Best time to call:
Teacher’s Productivity Period:
Class Website:
All assignments and important announcements will be posted on the teacher’s website. After reaching the H. Frank
Carey High School homepage, click on English department, and then the teacher’s name to reach the teacher’s website.
TEXTBOOKS: * Grammar, literature anthology, supplementary novels and plays (provided).
* Vocabulary workbook (purchased by each student).
NOTEBOOK: * Each student must have a loose-leaf binder with five subject dividers and loose-leaf paper.
Each student is responsible for…
* purchasing an agenda book.
* purchasing a vocabulary workbook.
* attending class daily unless excused by the health or attendance office.
* being punctual to class daily.
* being prepared for class with a pen, pencil, notebook and novel(s) as stipulated by the teacher.
* completing homework which will be assigned in accordance with the District Homework Policy (homework can be
accessed at any time via the class website).
* seeking extra help when the work is difficult.
* completing all assignments and makeup work in a timely manner.
* displaying behaviors in class which are respectful to the teacher and other students.
Summer Reading: All students were required to complete the summer reading assignment. The students were asked
to read two pieces of literature over the vacation and will take a multiple-choice exam on the required novel and
complete a creative project for their chosen novel.
Mandated novel: The Chocolate War
Choice novels (students were asked to choose one): It’s Kind of a Funny Story
Catcher in the Rye
Big Mouth, Ugly Girl
Makeup work: Work missed due to absence must be made up. It is the responsibility of each student to obtain and
complete all missed class work, homework assignments, quizzes and tests and to see that they are made up in a timely
manner. Failure to complete makeup work within a prescribed time may result in a lowered or failing grade. Attendance
and participation are integral and important components of learning.
- 50% Tests/Quizzes
- 30% Essays/Projects
- 10% Homework
- 10% Class Participation
Dear Mrs. Hoffman:
I have read, I understand, and I agree to follow all of the information stated on the Grade Expectation Sheet,
which was reviewed on the first day of class.
Student’s Name (Printed)
Student’s Signature
Grade: 11
Period: _____
Parent’s or Legal Guardian’s Name (Printed)
Parent’s or Legal Guardian’s Signature
Home Telephone: ______________________________
Cell Phone of Parent or Legal Guardian: _____________________________________
E-mail of Parent or Legal Guardian: _________________________________________
Call Log:
Spoke with…