Career and Financial Management

Career & Financial Management
½ credit – Semester course
Fall 2014
4th period 10:22-11:05 Room 139
Career & Financial Management has been designed to provide you with the
opportunity to explore a variety of careers, learn the skills needed for success
in the workplace and to become financially literate. This course will also
teach you many valuable and important skills for being a more prepared and
knowledgeable individual and worker. Not only will these skills be valuable
to you now as a student, but will also be extremely important as you enter
college and the business world.
Classroom Work
(Includes participation)
Quizzes & Homework
At the end of this course, you will have achieved the following:
Labeled binder with pockets (any
Standard 1:
Understand business systems & economics
Standard 2:
Perform career searches
 Prepare for job selection & interview
 Explore time management skills
Standard 3:
Understand banking & money management
 Explore types of bank accounts & savings options
Standard 4:
Understand the concept of credit & consumer protection
It is a pleasure to serve as your child’s
teacher. If you have any questions or
concerns, please feel free to contact me
through H. Frank Carey’s Business Office
at 516-539-9422 or reach me at
[email protected]
Students are expected to be present, prepared and participate every day.
This entails having a pen or pencil, notebook/folder, and assignments due.
Cell phones should be away throughout the entire class period.
Attendance in this course is a must. Please familiarize yourself with the
district attendance policy. 3 lates = 1 absence; up to 24 absences in a full
year course, up to 12 absences in a semester course.
It is your responsibility upon returning from being absent to find out what
work they have missed and to make up the work within 2 days of your
Respect the right of others, along with the equipment/furniture in the room.
Effort goes a long way-always try your best!
Participation is key…it is also 10% of your grade!
Always do your own work.
Complete all weekly homework assignments neatly and on time.
Homework averages will be counted as 1 test grade at the end of each
Please stay seated until the bell rings.
Ms. Rafiq
I have read the preceding information pertaining to the expectations and responsibilities of Ms. Rafiq’s class.
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