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Name:____________________________________________________Mr. Vedder - Studio Art
The Element of Space
Space - An element of art that refers to the distance or area between,
around, above, below, or within things.
Positive Space - Space in an artwork that is positive — filled with
something, such as lines, designs, color, or shapes.
Negative Space - the space between objects or parts of an object, or
around it. The empty space in an artwork, a void.
Principles of Design:
Harmony is a union or blend of aesthetically compatible components.
Harmony refers to a way of combining elements of art to accent their
similarities and bind the picture parts into a whole. It is often achieved
through the use of repetition and simplicity.
Unity is the quality of wholeness or oneness that is achieved through
the effective use of the elements and principles of design. A totality
that combines all of its parts into one complete, cohesive composition.
Often it is realized through deliberate balancing of harmony and