Blockland Handout

Mr. Vedder
Art 8
Perspective - The technique artists use to project an illusion of the
three-dimensional world onto a two-dimensional surface.
Perspective helps to create a sense of depth — of receding space.
Fundamental techniques used to achieve perspective are: controlling
variation between sizes of depicted subjects, overlapping objects and
placing objects that are on the depicted ground as lower when nearer
and higher when deeper.
Horizon line - A level line where water or land seems to end and the
sky begins. Vanishing points are located on the horizon line.
Vanishing point - In linear perspective, the place on the horizon
where parallel lines seem to meet.
Highlight - The area on any surface which reflects the most light.
Midtone - Tonal value mid-way between highlight and shadow, 50%
Shadow - An area that is not or is only partially illuminated because
an opaque object is between the area and the source of light.
A picture or design created by adhering flat
elements as newspaper, wallpaper, printed text and
illustrations, photographs, cloth, string, etc., to
a flat surface, when the result becomes threedimensional.
“Collage" was originally a French word, meaning "to