1 Point Perspective Name

Step 1: Draw your horizon line.
Step 2: Add your vanishing point. You may place it in the center or anywhere
along the horizon line.
Step 3: Add your guidelines for your name. You may draw your guide lines
above or below your horizon line.
Step 4: Draw your name in capital block letters within the guidelines. Space
your letters evenly across your paper. ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. NO
Step 4: Erase unused guidelines.
Step 5: Draw each corner (inside and outside) to the vanishing point. Only
take the inside and outside corners that do not overlap the letter to the
vanishing point. These lines are called Orthangonals.
Draw these lines very lightly! You will erase these when you are finished!
Step 6: Draw the sides of the letters with horizontal and vertical lines.
Step 7: Erase the unused lines to the vanishing point.
Step 8: Erase the unused guidelines.
Color name in with Complementary colors. Opposite colors on the color