Syllabus algebra

ALGEBRA Common Core
Mrs. Diaz
EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
Phone Number: (516) 488-9226
Extra Help: TENTATIVE: Tuesday: 7-7:45 and 3-4
Wednesday 3-4 and Thursday 3-4
Dear Parents and/or Guardians,
Welcome back to a new school year, and welcome to Common Core Algebra. This year we will be preparing for the
Algebra Common Core regents which will be administered in June of 2014.
Materials Needed:
 Binder with loose-leaf paper
 Folder for Handouts
 Pen & Pencil
 TI-84+/TI-83+ Graphing Calculator (Not Required but suggested)
 Algebra 1, Glencoe
Homework (10%): Assignments will be given at most 5 times per week. Each will be collected the next day in class.
There are NO make-ups. Homework is to be done COMPLETELY (show all steps, procedures, diagrams, and formulas
used). Even if you do not understand the assignment, an attempt should be made to complete it. Wrong answers are
better than no work at all. If you choose not to do your homework assignment COMPLETELY, then you decide to
receive an INCOMPLETE for that day’s homework grade. Some homework assignments will be given on Study and
Tests (60%): All tests are announced at least two days in advance. Each test will be expressed as a grade out of 100.
Quizzes (20%): Quizzes will be given during the week when there is NO TEST scheduled. Quizzes may or may not be
announced. Each quiz will be expressed as a grade out of 100.
Class Participation (10%): Going to the board, answering/asking questions and offering alternative solutions are
strongly encouraged. You should participate in class discussions FREQUENTLY, but without calling out or
interrupting each other. Class participation also includes taking notes, completing your class work and coming to class
on time ready to work.
Attendance: It is your responsibility to make arrangements to copy someone’s notes when you are absent, obtain
missing worksheets, complete missed homework, and immediately schedule a make-up for any missing tests/quizzes.
You will be given the same amount of days you were absent to make-up any missed work. However, if your absence
is unexcused you are responsible for serving a cutting detention. If you are late to class you are expected to serve a
late detention.
Teacher’s Expectations of Students:
1) Come to class on time and prepared.
2) Begin working as soon as the bell rings.
3) Take good notes & listen while taking notes.
4) Ask questions in class
5) Do my homework.
6) Respect others and their belongings.
7) Use proper language at all times.
8) Raise my hand and wait to be called on.
9) Come to extra help with questions when needed.
10) Accept personal responsibility for my learning.
Please sign and return the section below to Mrs. Diaz by: Wednesday September 11th, 2013
Elmont Memorial High School
I have read and understand the guidelines and procedures for Mrs. Diaz math class and
have shared them with my parents.
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