Classification: UNCLASSIFIED Caveats: NONE Dr. Watkins -

Caveats: NONE
Dr. Watkins I thought you might like to know: I took 490 (now 590) because in my
internship at KPMG, I heard over and over again that ACC 490 was the best
class people took while at NAU. This did not sit well with me because after
356, I swore I was never going to take another Watkins class again.
Well, after all is said and done, I'm going to confirm their aforementioned
sentiments. Case Studies was the most beneficial class I took while at NAU!!
Yeah, I must admit, I dreaded it the first few weeks and had some late
Wednesday night/early Thursday mornings once in awhile, flip-flopping between
stances on the issues; but when I finished the class, not only did I have a
sense of accomplishment, I also knew that I had learned something.
And now, as I sit here combing through Army Regulations (currently AR
190-51 Security of Unclassified Army Property), I know that it's not FARS,
but I know that I am a better researcher due to your class. Reading the FARs
for your class has helped me to have a better understanding about what I'm
reading and look for key words and points that answer my specific (or not so
specific) question. (My current audit involves the implementation of
anti-terrorism measures into new construction projects.)
So again, thank you for a wonderful class and thank you for further
preparing me for the "real world". I should be down for recruiting efforts,
possibly sometime in September, so I will try to stop by your office to say
Staff Auditor II
Force Protection Team
U.S. Army Audit Agency
Fort Carson, CO
(719) 526-6781
Caveats: NONE