May 05, 2010

I Call To Order
Mae Sakamoto called the meeting to order at 12:00 pm on May 5, 2010.
II Attendance
Andy Dorfman, Komal Bandyopadhyay, Brent Gilmore, Jay Field, Janice Miller,
Eva Bagg, Mae Sakamoto
III Agenda Items
DW timeline review
Mae presented attached timeline for DW based on group’s discussion at
last meeting. Phytorion had approved the timelines as shown on this
timeline but it now appears that the group would like to move the timelines
a bit.
Action items:
1) Group asked if wk 1 of the core team training could be moved by a
week to 6/7. Mae will work out schedule dates with Phytorion. Also,
the dean/department head training dates wanted to be changed.
Mae contacted Yiorgos on May 6 to discuss changes to scheduled.
Waiting to hear back from Yiorgos.
2) Brent would get back to Mae asap regarding these proposed dates for
Dean/Department Heads working with Meena/Eva.
3) Core team needs to provide back to Mae training focus for each week
so she can get back to Phytorion. Eva suggested that we perhaps wait
until the first core team training to get a better idea for BA training.
4) It was requested to have a list of the deliverable documentation and
who is responsible for review of it. Mae will publish a list and send to
core team for feedback on who is doing what.
5) Eva asked how to complete 320 testing for datawarehouse. Mae will
see where all the pieces are to this and email back to group.
Mae has contacted Phytorion to set up testing of 320 process with 8.9
as well as 9.0. Jackie is following up with Eva and Phytorion on this.
6) Janice has asked to move the completion of validation back 2 weeks
through June 7th week in the schedule. Mae will make the schedule
changes and republish once Phytorion confirms dates.
7) Waiting on Rob to confirm that having 3 databases and doing
queries/joins across is not a problem. Andy and Komal have done a
significant amount of research and testing and have identified issues
with configurations which caused the problem. Still working with Rob
on finalization of solution. After this is okayed, we will publish the
current state of the environment so everyone is clear on databases
Left message with Rob and Yiorgos since 5/7; waiting on their
8) Eva has requested that Wendy Lopez be included in business analyst
training. She will be invited to BA training for July.
9) It was requested that rollout be to all Deans/Directors and Department
Heads (administrative and academic). Support is to be provided by
business analysts for any questions and concerns.
10) Mae would like feedback from Janice and Brent regarding dates for
completion of Phase 2 and 3 as this relies heavily on their respective
areas for finalizing requirements. They will provide the details of these
activities back to Mae before the next meeting?
Mae adjourned the meeting at approximately 1:00 pm. The next meeting will be
on tentatively on May 19. We may need to reschedule as Janice is not available.