Oral Tasks

Oral Tasks
Seven activities which promote the development of speaking
and listening skills.
1. Listen to the story!
2. Listen to a variety of people reading the story
3. Once familiar with story, fill in the next word when teacher
reads it aloud eg. slide 3 teacher says ‘Teithies i o …….’ Class
finish with ‘…gwmpas y byd’
3. Answer questions about the story based on pictures (prompts
in Oral 1)
4. Interview each other using questions from the story (Oral 2)
5. Once familiar with the story, groups can role play scenes
from the story – with or without a pair reading the script for
6. Whilst viewing a colour page, choose a pupil to give a
description of Eli / Llwyd / Mali.
eg “Dyma Eli, mae o’n hapus. Mae o’n gwisgo ………. . Mae Eli
yn bwyta ……….. Mae Llwyd yn ……….” etc
7. Do the above task as a ‘Grandma’s shopping list’ type of
exercise – each child adds one statement to the list and each
has to retell the list so far, before adding their own suggestions.
Aim for about 4 sentences for each picture and encourage use
of prepositions, colours, moods, clothes to re-enforce