Resource Sheet 1

Resource sheet 1 – The ‘Big Picture’
Previous events
Spain 1474-1556
Muslim invasion and destruction
of the Visigothic state
Battle of Toro
Muslim defeat at the Battle of
Poitiers (Tours)
Cortes of Madrigal and
establishment of the Santa
Frankish defeat at Roncasvalles
Papal authorisation to establish the
Inquisition in Castile and Aragon
Establishment of the Umayyad
Emirate of Cordoba
Treaty of Alcacovas
Formation of the military orders of
Calatrava, Alcantara and Santiago
Marriage of Prince Alfonso of
Portugal to Princess Isabella
Muslim civil war and division into
Treaty of Medina del Campo
Poema de Mio Cid
Concord of Segovia
Establishment of the Kingdom of
Treaty of Barcelona
Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa
Fall of Granada and Columbus’
discovery of the New World
Uniting of Castile and Leon under
Fernando III
Expulsion of the Jews
Building of the Mezquita of
Treaty of Tordesillas (1494)
Title of ‘Catholic Kings’ bestowed by
the Pope
Nasrid Emirate of Granada and
the building of the Alhambra
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Spain 1469-1556
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Previous events
Spain 1474-1556
Henry IV’s occupation of Toledo
and attack on the Jewish quarter
Building of the cathedral in Granada and
Christianisation of the Mezquita of Cordoba
1391 Pogrom against the Jews
incited by Ferran Martinez in Seville
Battle of Cerignola
‘Purity of blood’ statute drawn up in
Treaty of Blois
Canonisation of missionary friar,
Vincent Ferrer
Comuneros Revolt and the Battle
of Villalar and the Germania
Sicut Dudum (Pope Eugenius IV)
Annexation of Navarre
Romanus Pontifex (Nicholas V)
Conquest of Peru
Start of Civil War in Castile and the
Farce of Avila
Capture of Aztec capital,
Tenochtitlan, by Hernan Cortes
Marriage of Maximilian (Hapsburg)
to Mary of Burgundy
Publication of the Polyglot
(Complutensian) Bible
French occupation of Cerdagne
and Roussillon
Establishment of the Council of the
Birth of Joanna ‘la Beltraneja’
Capture of Tunis
Marriage of Ferdinand and
Isabella and Papal ratification
Establishment of Ignatius Loyola’s
Society of Jesus (Jesuits)
Fall of Barcelona
Peace of Crepy
Version 1
Spain 1469-1556
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