Management Skills2

Management Skills
Delegating Effectively
Having the right people with the right skills isn't sufficient for a team's success. Managers must
also know how to get the job done efficiently. Delegation is the key to this. Some managers,
especially those who earned their positions based on their technical expertise, try to do most of
the work themselves. They think that, because they're responsible for the work, they should do
it themselves to make sure it's done right.
Effective managers recognize that by assigning work to the right people (not just those with the
most time available), and clearly outlining expectations, teams can accomplish much more. But
it's often difficult to trust others to do the job. As a manager, remember that when your team
members have the right skills, training and motivation, you can usually trust them to get the
work done right.
Key Points
You need to develop and improve your managerial skills on an ongoing basis as your career
develops and as you meet new managerial challenges.
Whether you manage a department or a project team, it's important to know how to get the
work done right. When you're asked to achieve something with the help of others, it's complex
– and you spend much of your time managing relationships instead of doing the actual work.
So, you must develop not only your technical skills, but your management skills as well.
Delegating, motivating, communicating, and understanding team dynamics are some of the key
skills needed. With those skills, along with patience and a strong sense of balance, you can
become a very effective manager