Management Skills3

Management Skills
Motivating People
Another necessary management skill is motivating others. It's one thing to motivate yourself,
but it's quite another to motivate someone else. The key thing to remember is that motivation
is personal. We're all motivated by different things, and we all have different levels of personal
motivation. So, getting to know your team members on a personal level allows you to motivate
your people better. Providing feedback on a regular basis is a very powerful strategy to help
you stay informed about what's happening with individual team members. You can test your
motivation skills with our quiz, and use your answers to develop your skills further.
Key Points
You need to develop and improve your managerial skills on an ongoing basis as your career
develops and as you meet new managerial challenges.
Whether you manage a department or a project team, it's important to know how to get the
work done right. When you're asked to achieve something with the help of others, it's complex
– and you spend much of your time managing relationships instead of doing the actual work.
So, you must develop not only your technical skills, but your management skills as well.
Delegating, motivating, communicating, and understanding team dynamics are some of the key
skills needed. With those skills, along with patience and a strong sense of balance, you can
become a very effective manager