Home Assignment 2 Machine dynamics

College of Engineering
Home Assignment # 2
Department: Mechanical Engineering Subject: Dynamics of Machines (ME 243/221)
Date: 20/03/2014
Date of submission: 02/04/2014
QN. 1 Find out the acceleration of slider B, angular acceleration of connecting rod (link AB) for
the configuration given below.
The geometrical data are given below.
O1A = 480mm, Connecting rod AB=
1600 mm, = 600 and The crank O1A is
rotating at a constant angular velocity
of 20 rad/seconds counter clockwise. O1
Draw the velocity and acceleration
diagram with complete details like
Figure 1: Problem of question 1
included angles, lengths etc.
Hint. O1A sin= AB sin Ф
QN. 2. Determine the acceleration of A4 on link 4 for the quick
return mechanism given below. Link 2 rotates 10 rad/sec CW.
Fixed link O2O4= 300mm, Driving link O2A = 100mm,  = 510 and β =
180 . Also find out coriolis component of acceleration and angular
acceleration of link 4.
QN3. Two shafts A and B are co-axial. A gear C (50 teeth) is rigidly
mounted on shaft A. A compound gear D-E gears with C and an
internal gear G. D has 20 teeth and gears with C and E has 35 teeth
and gears with an internal gear G. The gear G is fixed and is
concentric with the shaft axis. The compound gear D-E is mounted
on a pin which projects from an arm keyed to the shaft B. Sketch the
arrangement and find the number of teeth on internal gear G
assuming that all gears have the same module. If the shaft A rotates at 110 r.p.m., find the
speed of shaft B.
Ans: NB= 50 rpm CCW