Further Details on Safety

Keeping you safe
Try to avoid being out alone late at night. However if you are, do not take
shortcuts through poorly lit alleys and open ground. Keep to well lit routes
even if it makes your journey longer.
Arrange a lift home or pre-book a taxi making sure you only use a genuine
taxi company – never use an unmarked minicab AND DO NOT HITCH-HIKE
or accept lifts from strangers
Keep important things like keys and money in a pocket – not in a bag that can
be snatched.
If your bank cards or mobile phone gets stolen ring and cancel them
immediately. Avoid drawing large sums of money - use cash back facilities in
shops or use machines located in branches - you never know who is
Going Out for the evening
Let someone know where you are going and when you expect to be back - if
you are later than you thought let someone know
Do not leave your drink unattended to avoid it being spiked with drugs. Please
don’t drink so much that you are unaware of what you are doing or where you
are going as this can be when things start to go wrong.
Close and lock your windows (situated on ground floor) and doors before
leaving your room even if you are just popping to the kitchen.
Use of mobile phones
Avoid using mobile phones and MP3 players when you are on your own, it is
important to stay alert, especially after dark
Keeping your belongings safe
Register and Insure your possessions – www.immobilise.com should be used
to register your items. If your items are lost or stolen, even bikes, computers.
This company could aid the recover of them.
Mark valuables where possible in case of accidents, loss or theft. You won’t
want to use what money you do have, to replace a laptop you need for your
studies! It is also a good idea to make a note of the make, model and serial
numbers in case you need to report any loss/theft, also keep receipts when
purchasing such items.
Bikes (particularly in Cambridge) often go missing. Lock your bike using a
good quality 'D' lock that secures your bike to something substantial – thieves
are quite prepared to take most of a bike leaving just the front wheel secured
to a cycle rack!
If you cycle at night, be safe and be seen. Always ensure your lights are
working and wear some reflective clothing. Helmets should be worn at all
times – cyclists nearly always come off worst in accidents with cars and buses
Safety on Campus
If someone (e.g. for repairs and maintenance) requires access to your
accommodation, always ask for identification, if they cannot prove their
identity, don’t let them in!
If you see anything suspicious, please inform SECURITY straight away. Tell
us WHAT you saw and WHO. It may turn out to be nothing, but better safe
than sorry
Keep valuables out of sight in your accommodation
Lost or Stolen Items
Lost Property - any lost property is that has been found on campus is held in
the Security Control Rooms