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Coastal Erosion
Hydrological (Sea Level Rise)
Meteorological (Storms and Hurricanes)
Geological (Subsidence)
Biological (Bioerosion)
Manmade Structures (Jetties, Groins,
Breakwaters, etc.)
October 1989
May 1990
Average Distance Change=
180ft/0.6 yr
November 1993
Average Distance Change=
670 ft/3.6 yrs
November 1995
Average Distance Change=
440ft/1.9 yrs
"Before" and "after" photos show the loss of sand on Louisiana's Raccoon Island caused
by Hurricane Andrew in 1992. More than a mile of previously existing sandy beach
(above) was removed by the hurricane, leaving behind a patchy island formation
(below). The remaining island shown close up in the picture on the bottom is bordered in
a rectangle in the picture on the top and is all that remains of the original island.