A 4 Exploring language Section

Section A: Reading
Reading Poetry
4 Exploring language
Student Book Page 70
Study the poem ‘Island Man’ by Grace Nichols on page 69.
1 Complete the following chart by listing the things the island man
connects with the island and the things he associates with London.
The island
the sound of blue surf
Sands / of a grey metallic soar
the steady breaking and wombing
Your chart shows you that the poet presents the island and
London very differently. Complete the following sentences by
choosing the right phrase from the box below.
The poet writes about how the island man wakes to the sound of
______________ whereas in London it is the ______________ .
The island scenery is of ______________ . In contrast to this the
London scenery is ______________ .
dull North Circular roar
wild seabirds and fishermen
pushing out to sea
blue surf in his head
sands / of a grey metallic soar