CRIJ 1307 Crime Theory Analysis Paper Template

CRIJ 1307 Crime Theory Analysis Paper Template
Students will be expected to write a Crime Theory Analysis paper and submit it at or before the end of the
semester. The paper should include a summary of a known criminal’s life, along with which theory or
theories you feel caused his or her criminality. Give examples as to why you feel this/these theories are
the reason, and examples in the person’s life to support your reason(s). Your paper should follow this
format and information:
Name and history of the criminal--what was his/her childhood environment like; key incidents/events that
influenced the subject
-Criminal history—a brief synopsis of the crimes committed and eventual apprehension
-The theory behind the subject’s behavior
-Supporting information as to your conclusion—match the theory to the behavior
-Conclusion—what would have changed this person from engaging in criminal behavior
I am looking for quality, not quantity. But, ensure you are throughout with both the history and theory
argument of the assignment.
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