Office of the Attorney General Criminal Prosecutions Division (Austin)

Internship in Psychology
Data File
Student Name: Lauren Schaffer
Agency website:
Internship Site
Name of Organization: Office of the Attorney General Criminal Prosecutions Division
Address: 300 15th St. Austin, TX 78711
Placement Supervisor & Phone: Jewell Smith (512) 475-3680
Initial Contact Person & Phone: Linda Thomas (512) 463-1646
Scheduled Start & End Dates: June 9, 2008 & July 24, 2008
Brief Description of Organization (mission/purpose, types of clients served, services provided):
The division I work with prosecutes white collar crime, cyber crime, and major crime. The types of clients
served are people who have broken the law to a severe enough degree that the case has been taken by the AG’s
office or if there is a conflict of interest from the original jurisdiction. The attorneys in this division represent
the state as the prosecution and travel all over the state to adjudicate criminals.
Intern Duties & Responsibilities (list):
 Input Chapter 59 Asset Forfeiture audits
 Update autopsy evaluations for custodial deaths
 Make copies of audits for open records requests
 Call companies in regards to an investigation concerning fraudulent invoices
 Put together a discovery binder
 Decipher chicken scratch handwriting of a psychologist
 Write monthly reports for Criminal Prosecutions Division
 Translate a letter to the Mexican government into Spanish
 Make copies of a brief
 Travel to Bastrop, Emory, Corsicana, Huntsville, and New Braunfels for hearings/trials/interviews