HCCS CRIJ 1310 Final Examination Spring 2015 Short Answer Questions.doc

HCCS CRIJ 1310 Final Examination Spring 2015 Short Answer Questions
1. You are the Chief of the Houston Police Department. Describe your policy regarding speech
restrictions by your officers. List the levels of disciplinary action taken against officers who violate the
policy. How would you ensure free speech freedoms are not abused?
2. Explain why are crime victims are sometimes viewed as “insignificant” by the media? You are a
Texas politician, with the ability to legislate laws. What type of law would you propose that would
provide crime victims “justice”, while ensure due process for the criminal?
3. At what age should a child be held responsible for their actions? List a “graduated” system of the
punishment of children according to their crimes.
4 You are a Harris County District Court Criminal Judge. What instructions would you give a jury
regarding victim statements? How would ensure that punishment is administered fairly to the defendant?
5. Should laws be written in order to manage morality, keep us safe from ourselves and others, and/or
gather revenue? Explain why you feel that way.