Forensics Chp. 1 Part 1

Forensics Chp. 1 Part 1
3. the body of law made up of judicial opinions and precedents
5. the examination of physical evidence. The
7. anything that tends to establish or disprove a fact.
9. in criminal law, the specific factors or parts of a crime
10. formally accuse
12. regulation and enforcement of rights, setting the acceptable limits of conduct in society
13. money that guarantees the defendant will appear
14. group of people sworn to inquire about a crime and possibly accuse
16. testimony given by what others say
1. a police procedure following arrest that records basic info. About the suspect, a photo and fingerprints and perhaps a lineup
2. revision of Frye- incorporates the scientific method –error rates…no “junk science”
4. the first act in a criminal proceeding, where the defendant is brought before the court to hear charges and enter a plea
5. evidence only admissible if “sufficiently established”
6. a serious crime, such as murder, punishable by more than one year of imprisonment up to execution
8. insects
11. specialist in a certain area
12. law that deals with noncriminal suits brought to protect or preserve a civil or private right or matter
15. the science that deals with the motion, behavior, and effects of projectiles.