FIPP Activity Report 1 Nelson Espinola 11/11/09

Report #1
FIPP Activity Report
Funded by the Basic Skills Initiative
Name Nelson Espinola
Date 11/11/09
FIPP Partner Elise Geraghty
Section #2630
Activity /Strategy Creating a Classroom Environment
Category Classroom Environment
Briefly describe the activity/strategy.
1. Introduction Introduced activity/topic to be discussed. Then assign students to
groups of 3 or 4
2. Set up & Supplies Students were assigned to groups of 3 or 4. This was done
with many activities. Students were often asked to share information and ideas.
3. Directions Students were asked to take turns sharing information/ideas about
topic being discussed. Then they would often come to a conclusion or order of
information being discussed.
4. Conclusion Overall i believe that having students meet in groups allows them to
express themselves and hear what other students have to say. Often students
became more empowered and engaged due to the fact that they were
interacting with others. This activity also provided a different classroom setting
compared to the typical setup of them just sitting and facing me. This allowed
them to meet new people in the class and share a part of themselves with
What worked well? Everything went well.
What would you change? Perhaps i can try different variations of group numbers. I've had
one on one exchanges. Perhaps larger numbers where applicable. But i believe 3-4
works very well.
Would you use the activity/strategy again? Why or why not? Yes because it is essential to
their interations with other students in the classroom.
Please describe any student learning outcomes/changes that you observed after the
implementation of the activity/strategy. Sharing of resources on campus, study skills and
many other topics regarding student life.