Jigsaw 2

Report #2
FIPP Activity Report
Funded by the Basic Skills Initiative
Name Elizabeth A. Craigg
Date September 29, 2009
FIPP Partner Sumino Otsuji
Section #English A, Section #9661
Activity /Strategy Jigsaw
Category Classroom Activities
Briefly describe the activity/strategy.
1. Introduction I gave each group time to pick which individual will be a number (1,
2, or 3). After which, I gave each student a different writing prompt to free
2. Set up & Supplies Paper and Writing Utensil
3. Directions After the freewrite was complete, each student was to find their
number by holding up their finger. They switched partners every time I said,
4. Conclusion After the exercise, I went through all the questions, and asked
students to share what they have learned from someone else. When the
student began to explain the situation, the person that was being discussed
began to explain the situation thoroughly for the class.
What worked well? Students actually learned a lot about each other and remembered
different stories about one another. It worked well especially since the students actually
quieted down as soon as it was time to return to their seats.
What would you change? I would not have changed anything. It worked better than I
Would you use the activity/strategy again? Why or why not? Yes I will because it seem to
have made the students engage with each other and interested in listening to each
other. I did have a few students who didn't really talk much. I am hoping that this
changes later in the semester.
Please describe any student learning outcomes/changes that you observed after the
implementation of the activity/strategy. They all began to engage with one another and
answered the question asked.