October 9, 2013

Classified Staff Development Committee
Notes from October 10, 2013 Meeting
C. Biedler, L. Detwiler, B. Gilmore, L. Lindberg, M. Lopez; D. Manno, J. Meredith,
P. Miller; N. Oshio, C. Peacock, D. Turano
L. Smith
New Members – Maria Lopez (HR) and Patty Miller (HSA) were welcomed as the new
members. Jimmy Macareno will no longer be on the committee. It was noted that we might
want to get a few males to join the group.
Review of 2013 Classified Week – The group discussed the highs and lows of last year’s
program. There was general consensus that the programs offered during the week were well
attended and provided useful information for staff. It was also noted that more time for certain
workshops was needed.
The Hobby Showcase was one of the events the group felt strong about continuing. However, it
was agreed that we need to do a better job at marketing the event.
Donna will send out the evaluations for review and planning purposes for this year.
It was decided to send out a survey to staff asking if they participated and what types of
programs they would like for 2014 Classified Week. Donna will put together a draft survey for
the group to review at our next meeting.
Classified Week – 2014 – The group discussed possible dates and it was noted that with the
change in semester begin and end dates, the May timeframe would fall during the
commencement week or immediately following. June 2-6 was agreed as the best time, it is after
the first session of summer school has started and Friday, June 6 is the last Friday worked
before we start our 8 Fridays off.
Team Building Extravaganza – Donna will send out the Team Bonding website and committee
members will review the types of activities offered as possibilities for 2014.
Next meeting - Wednesday, November 13, 2013, 2:00-3:00pm – West Library Basement