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Classified Staff Development Committee
Notes from December 9, 2009 Meeting
C. Biedler, V. De La Torre, L. Detwiler, B. Gilmore, J. Macareno, D. Manno,
A. Martinez, N. Oshio, D. Turano, C. Vakil-Jessop
C. Peacock, A. Quarles, L. Smith,
Review Notes from last meeting:
 Notes from the November 11th meeting were approved.
Classified Professional Development:
The January workshop, “Positive Psychology: The Science of Feeling Good” to be offered to
both ECC and CEC staff will be held in mid January. Donna reported that she is still waiting
to hear from Sally Emery regarding the details.
Classified Week (May 17-21, 2010) – Recap of major points from last meeting. Donna noted
the need to have a balance of personal enrichment and professional development
workshops. A survey will be sent out for staff to select what they would like to be offered.
There was a brief discussion about the format of such survey and the consensus was that
the workshops/activities suggested at the October meeting be included along with an “other”
option. In addition, the survey would also include a “call for presenters” statement/option.
The group also reviewed and updated the sub-committees. Subsequent meetings will be
broken down into 2 sessions. Sub-committees will meet for half hour and then report to
group at the second half hour.
Sub-committee rosters include:
Vicki De La Torre
Beverly Gilmore
Jimmy Macareno
Anita Martinez
Allene Quarles
Carolee Vakil-Jessop
Team Building Event
Caroline Biedler
Linda Detwiler
Nina Oshio
Cheryl Peacock
Luukia Smith
Debbie Turano
Representatives from the Compton Center staff will be invited to attend future meetings so
that they will keep the center informed.
Donna will discuss with Carolee, possible collaboration with regard to lunch. Plans are
already in place by ECCE to provide lunch for 200 people at the ECCE General Meeting
scheduled for Friday, May 21st.
Time-line - Future meeting dates and action items were decided as follows:
January 27th
Regular planning meeting
February 10
First announcement, sub-committees decide on survey contents/call
for presenters
February 24
Survey information/sent out
March 10
Survey results, solicit teams/participants
March 24
Develop tentative schedule
April 14
Firm up presenters and team building activity
April 24
Preliminary program
May 21
ECCE General meeting
Meeting adjourned at 3:00pm.
Next meeting will now be held on Wednesday, February 3, 2010.