Dear Family, A

Dear Family,
In third grade this week we have been learning about time lines.
A time line shows an order of events and the years they happened.
Now, the students are going to create a timeline of their life.
Included should be:
 Birthdate with picture or drawing
 Important dates and pictures or drawings of their life
 A present picture or drawing of themselves now with this year’s
 Some ideas might be….birth of siblings, first time they went to the
zoo, first day of school; there are no limits as long as it will fit on
the poster.
This can be done on a poster board or just copy paper glued together.
This project should be put together and decorated by the student.
Parents of course will need to assist. These projects are due Friday,
September 11. Beginning Monday, September 18, the students will
present them to the class. After they are presented, they will be
displayed in our third grade hall.
If you have any questions about this project, feel free to contact me at
[email protected]
Or 405- 361-4195. Email is best!
Ms. Craig