African Nation Project Emerging African Nations Project

Post-Colonialism Nation Project
Your African Nation: ______________________________
In groups, you will research the characteristics of a nation in Africa, including how it gained
independence and what it’s political, social, and economic conditions have been since gaining
independence. You will analyze your findings and present your research to the class.
You will work with one partner, and select one nation of Africa.
Conduct research and create a poster presentation that describes how your nation has
emerged as an independent post-colonial nation. Your presentation must include the following
1. What is your nation’s history of colonialism? (What nation colonized it? What happened?)
2. When and how did it become independent?
3. Is it a stable society? Analyze the data below to reach a conclusion.
a. What kind of government does it have now?
b. What is the Literacy rate?
c. What is the poverty rate?
d. What is the birth rate and life expectancy?
4. Is it a productive society?
a. What is the GDP per capita
b. What are your nation’s imports and exports?
5. Make a recommendation for your country’s government, based on your analysis.
Checklist for Poster:
___Names of all group members
___Drawing of nation
___Drawing of colonizing nation
___Drawing of national flag
___Information that addresses all the above questions and recommendations