March 20, 2003

ECC Technology Committee Meeting
March 20, 2003
Alex Kelley, Richard Barton, Roger Quadhamer, Donna Manno, David Murphy, Bill
Mulrooney, Donna Post, Joe Georges, Susan Dever
Satish Warrier, Don Treat
Dave Miller (sub), Roger Quadhamer, Lucinda Aborn, Donna Manno, David
Murphy, Joe Georges, Bill Mulrooney, Donna Post, Satish Warrier
Beverly Johnson
Correction to minutes
Goal 1 issues:
1.3 Provide sufficient computer laboratories hours to support the academic requirements in all
1.4 Change to: “Alleviate” barriers “allowing” access to technologies, by all persons.
Shared file access
 Demonstrated how to get to files on server.
 Group now has access to folder for technology plan goals. Each member adding or
changing information to the server file should include their initials. Draft of committee
minutes can also be added to file.
Document Format
Reviewed working document column headings to make changes and discuss what should be put in
each column.
Current Status
 Not started
o start date or term
 Started
o percent complete
 on hold
 cancelled
 completed
 end date or term
 ongoing
 completed
 term or completion date
Develop definition to determine priority level
1. mandated with sorts
2. contractual with sorts
3. high
Next meeting continue discussion on Strategies