Addition 1-9

Title: Bugabaloo
Purpose: Adding numbers 1-9.
Grade level/TEKS Reference: K-1
(K.4) Number, operation, and quantitative reasoning. The students models addition and
(A) The student is expected to model and create addition and subtraction problems in real
situations with concrete objects.
Length of time necessary for Game: 5-10 minutes depending on skill and the desire to continue
Number of Participants: 1 player minimum
Source for Game:
This game requires and understanding of numbers 1-9and the language and understanding of
addition. Students must be able to identify the numbers given and be able to join the two
numbers. The student will start by clicking level 1. The object of the game is to see how many
shoes the bug has. If they are correct they score high. Once the student has mastered level one
they may play it again or move up a level.The numbers given only go up to 20. If a student is
incorrect it tells them to try again. There is only one level and after you have completed it you
may play again.
Adapted by: Krystal Orobio (2010)