Compare numbers 1-20

Title: Dive For The Treasure
Purpose: Comparing and identifying numbers 1-20.
Grade level/TEKS Reference: K-1
(K.1)Number, operation, and quantitative reasoning. The students uses numbers to name
quantities. The student is expected to :
(A) use one-to-one correspondence and language such as more than, same number as or two
less than to describe relative sizes of sets of concrete objects;
(C) use numbers to describe how many objects are in a set (through 20)
Length of time necessary for Game: 5-10 minutes depending on skill and the desire to continue
Number of Participants: 1 player minimum
Source for Game:
This game requires and understanding of numbers 1-20 and the language of greater/more than.
Students have to be able to identify which number is greater of the two. If they are correct they
move one step closer to the treasure at the bottom of the sea. The numbers given only go up to
20. If a student is incorrect it tells them to try again. There is only one level and after you have
completed it you may play again.
Adapted by: Krystal Orobio (2010)