Multiplication Facts 12x12

Title: Meteor Multiplication Game
Purpose: Reinforcement and practice of multiplication with 2 numbers, ranging from 1 to
Grade Level/TEKS Reference: 3rd and up.
(4) Number, operation, and quantitative reasoning. The student recognizes and
solves problems in multiplication and division situations. The student is expected
(A) learn and apply multiplication facts through 12 by 12 using concrete
models and objects;
(B) solve and record multiplication problems (up to two digits times one
Length of Time Necessary for Game: Approximately 10 minutes, as there are 9 rounds
each timed at 1 minute.
Number of Participants: 1 player minimum
Source for Game:
Step 1.) The meteors contain multiplication problems, while the “star ship”
contains the answer. Use the arrow keys to move the spaceship. To fire at a
meteor, press the SPACEBAR or click the meteor with your mouse.
Step 2.) Content range can be specified, ranging from 1 to 12 multiplications, and
also for the game speed.
Presented By: Jessica McDaniel (2011)