The Office of Institutional Effectiveness Announces: TRACDAT 5

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness
Announces: TRACDAT 5
Highlights of TracDat 5
Completely redesigned interface
Software functions have moved to the left navigation
Save function easier to view
Link to assessment plan and results from the Home page
Indicators on the Home page clearly indicate if additional information is needed
to meet reporting expectations
Mapping to Institutional Priorities and Division-level Performance Indicators more
Toggle arrows available for assessment plan and results to show or hide
More report formatting options to include Word and Excel
Help and Institutional instructions available for each page
Overall, easier to navigate
Changes in Reporting
To demonstrate alignment, link all intended outcomes to the Division
Performance Indicators and University Priorities.
Action status has been relabeled as Result Trend with two options: Monitoring or
Action Planning.
For every result, use of results must be reported with an action plan and followup developed for the majority of results.
Recommended number of outcomes by unit type:
 Academic programs: 3 – 5
 Academic departments: 3 – 5
 Administrative departments: 2 – 3
 Colleges/Schools: 5 – 7
 Units may exceed the numbers listed but the first number is the minimum
number of intended outcomes by unit type.
College/Schools are required to have intended outcomes related to each of the
following areas:
 Student Success and Access with emphasis on monitoring graduation
 Enhancement of Research
 Global Engagement
 University – Community Engagement
 Development
 Health care, if appropriate
Colleges and Schools may also include additional outcomes on
 Graduate education
 Enrollment
TracDat 5 will be available in February
New reporting rules to be implemented for 2016 reporting
TracDat 5 will be demonstrated to chairs and program coordinators during Spring
semester assessment review meetings