Greek Mythology Tic-Tac-Toe Project
Name: _____________________________
Write an original myth using at
least two gods or goddesses.
Remember a myth should have a
lesson or moral. It should also
contain elements of fantasy, and
attempt to explain some aspect of a
natural phenomenon. You may
create a myth based on an event
that has happened in your life or
you can simply create the myth
using your imagination. The main
character of your myth can be you
or a famous person. Minimum of
one typed page (two hand written).
Design and create a poster that
highlights the evidences we have
of Greek mythology today
(examples can include architecture,
pottery, constellations, etc).
Include examples from language,
art, science, and more. Also
consider advertising logos you
may have seen that use
mythological characters.
Create a power point to highlight
your favorite mythological
character. This could be a god,
goddess, hero, or monster! Be sure
to include pictures (school
appropriate!), and information
about their abilities, family,
motivations, symbols, battles, etc.
Be creative, and include 8-12
slides (must have information on
each slide).
Create your own Greek
god/goddess/hero crossword
puzzle! This activity must include
at least 6 gods, 6 goddesses, and 4
heroes for your crossword
answers. You may also include
monsters/villains, or symbols. Be
sure to give clues that your friends
will be able to look up or figure
out from their prior knowledge
(please include an answer key).
Create a 6 to 12 scene (box) comic
strip focusing on one chosen god
or goddess. Like all projects, this
should remain school appropriate.
Your comic strip should explain
some aspect of nature, contain
elements of fantasy, and teach a
moral. All comic strips should be
completed in color. Make sure
your pictures are large enough to
see clearly.
Rewrite one myth we have read
from the perspective of the villain
or a minor character. Your story
should follow the same main
events, but show a different
perspective. Example: “The
Origins of The Seasons” could be
told from Hades’ point of view.
He would feel that Zeus went back
on his word to give Persephone to
him for his bride, etc. Minimum
of one typed page (two hand
Paper Plate Pottery
Now you get to be a sports
writer! Select a Greek god,
goddess, or mythological hero and
write a blow-by-blow news report
of one of their battles or
adventures. Remember the 5 W’s
and an H of news reporting (who,
what, when, where, why, how).
Minimum of one typed page (two
hand written). Include one or
more pictures, may be hand drawn
or printed (keep it school
Mythological Trading Card
Front Side:
Name of Character (Greek)
1 Magic item or creature
1 Special ability
Picture of character
Back Side:
Student’s name
Parent(s) of the god
Most dangerous experience
Fatal flaw (weakness)
Biggest ambition (Goal)
Cards will be provided if chosen.
(1 per student)
Materials needed: paper plate,
two pipe cleaners, tape, markers or
Instructions: Paint or draw a
scene in the center of your plate. It
should be a simple design of one
or two gods/goddesses, using only
a couple of colors. Tape the pipe
cleaners to the sides for handles.
Explain your drawing on the back
in one full paragraph.
(10 pts. per day) Completed three activities on time: ___30_ pts.
All directions followed: ___60__pts.
Neatness: ___10__ pts
Total score: __________