Greek Mythology:

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Greek Mythology:
Gods/Goddesses Research Project
Historical Information:
During the next few weeks, we will research, write, read, and talk about a time period
that began around 1200 BC, when creation stories were told by poets and storytellers to people
who had no written knowledge and no multimedia (television, radio, computers, etc.). These
stories were told partly for entertainment, and partly to explain scientific happenings of which
the people of that time had no knowledge.
As we research the gods and goddesses, their world, their influence on humans, and the
influence of those humans on the gods and goddesses, we will read an epic (adventure story) of a
man who goes to war and does not return home for twenty years. While attempting to travel
home to his wife and son, he encounters gods wishing to stop him, monsters determined to
destroy him and goddesses desiring to seduce him.
Ultimately, you will write our own myth to explain a natural phenomenon or to explain
the creation of a man-made development.
Therefore, you will do the following:
1. Research an assigned god/goddess
2. Take notes on oral narratives.
3. Read selected sections of The Odyssey, by Homer.
4. Write responses, take quizzes, learn vocabulary, create illustrations, and so on…
5. Write your own myth as directed by a forthcoming assignment.
Directions for Presenting:
1. All students must orally present their research finding to the class.
2. Rehearse your presentation.
3. Display the visual aid so it is easily seen.
4. Speak clearly and loudly.
5. Look at the audience.
6. The presentation should last about 2 minutes.
Topics for Research Project on Greek Mythology:
1. Aeolus
2. Aphrodite
3. Athena
4. Apollo
5. Calypso
6. Circe
7. Creation in Greek Mythology
8. Cronus
9. Cyclops
10. Helios
11. Hephaestus
12. Hermes
13. Medusa
14. Mythological creatures: Scylla and Charybdis
15. Mythological creatures: Sirens and Nymphs
16. Mythological creatures: Centaur and Minotaur
17. Pegasus
18. Poseidon
19. Stars and constellations in Greek mythology
20. Three Fates
21. Titans
22. Zeus
Research Guiding Questions:
1. What is the physical appearance of your god, goddess or creature?
2. For what is your god, goddess or creature responsible?
3. What strengths and weaknesses of the god, goddess, or creature?
4. What words or actions show these strengths and weaknesses?
5. What are the character traits (personality) of your god, goddess, or creature?
6. What words or actions show these traits?
7. What symbols represent your god, goddess, or creature?
8. What is his, her or its familial relation to other gods, goddesses, or creatures?
9. What human qualities or behaviors does your god, goddess, or creature possess?
10. What words or actions show these qualities?
11. What is an interesting myth about your god, goddess, or creatures? (Write it in 8 to 12
sentences, in your own words, using at least one parenthetical citation).
12. What is a modern representation of your god/ (ie Mars bars, FTD florists use Mercury in
their ads)
Who is a modern day example of your character? (ie. Apollo- he can be a famous musician /
dancer. being the God of music, you can compare him to another famous male singer!
Jupiter- Barack Obama. He has lots and LOTS of power (like Jupiter, the Roman equivalent of
the Greek god of the gods). Mercury- This is hard, seeing as he was basically the messenger
god. Maybe any male God with great messengers to share ...?
Venus- Kim Kardashian / Megan Fox. Well known as gorgeous women, they are great to
compare to the seductive Goddess of love!!
Pluto- Ian Thorpe or another swimmer. Pluto is the God of the ocean and water, so a famous
swimmer is quite suitable!
Icarus- Well, I guess you could do R. Kelly. He's the guy who sang the song 'I believe I can fly',
and Icarus' story was mainly about flying! Or maybe a celebrity with big ambitions and hopes ...
Ulysses- Basically any one adventurous, dedicated and strong would do well here. Maybe
Taylor Lautner, he looks like he could fight really well and is DEFINITELY dedicated to his
Scoring Guide: Mythology Research Project
Group Member(s):
1. Aesthetic Quality of the Visual Aid:
□ Accurate/detailed picture
□ Neatly/attractively colored
□ Creative/ good use of space
□ Appealing symbols
2. Effort, Content, and Quality of Work:
□ Utilizes class time wisely
□ Includes comprehensive responses
□ Addresses all appropriate information
 Appearance
 Responsibilities
 Strength/weaknesses & supporting evidence
 Character traits & supporting evidence
 Symbols
 Family
 Human qualities & supporting evidence
3. Presentation:
□ Voice quality
□ Eye Contact
□ 2 minutes
4. Bibliography
□ No Bibliography - Plagiarism (0/100)
□ Credit - No Credit