OneTech Student User Instructions

OneTech Student User Instructions
Step 1: Go to to enter your user name and password.
If you do not know your user name and password, click on “Need to find your OneTech ID?”
Step 2: To find your OneTech ID, enter your Student “T” Number
Enter your “T” Number (including the T—you should have 9 total digits)
Click Submit
Step 3: Getting your OneTech ID
You will given your OneTech ID and TECH email address after you submit your “T” Number.
Now, return to the OneTech login page.
Step 4: Go to to enter your user name and password.
Now, enter your User Name and Password. The very first time you log into OneTech,
you will use your birthday followed by Atu as your password in the following layout=
Step 5: The Welcome Tab
This is the tab where you can check your email.
Step 6: The Student Tab
In this tab, you will have access to a variety of your student information. Using Registration
Tools allows you to register for classes, as well as to see your class schedule.