Ron Gerhard, Karolyn van Putten, Co-Chairs, Planning and Budgeting
FROM: Tony Tortorice, Chief Administrative Officer for Information Technology
DATE: February 6, 2012
District Technology Committee motion on budget for Web support
On Friday, February 3, 2012, the District Technology Committee voted unanimously to
approve a motion to recommend to the Planning and Budgeting Committee that funding be
incorporated into the District budget specifically to support Moodle for distance learning
and college and district websites. Currently, support is provided on an ad hoc basis out of
funds budgeted for other purposes, resulting in little continuity of support and disruption of
service to students. In order to have consistent support these critical components of
distance education and college communications, it is important to explicitly provide
support for those functions in a single line item in the budget.
This does not represent a request for funding from the Program and Budget Committee.
The District Technology Committee recognizes that the request must come through the
District’s formal budget process.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Tony Tortorice
Chief Administrative Officer for Information Technology
Berkeley City College
College of Alameda
Laney College
Merritt College