January 29,2015
To: District Technology Committee
From: Peralta Classified Senate
Re: Resolution to Support automated Employee Leave reorting
The Peralta Classified Senate (PCS) is resolved in supporting Peralta Community
College District (PCCD) efforts to implement a reliable system that will automate Employee
Leave Reporting. It is a priority that a system be piloted by the end of the current fiscal year or
sooner, as present business practices do not offer employees accurate and transparent
documentation of leave accrual balances, and paper-based processes are labor-intensive and
The PCS is in agreement with other employee groups, such as SEIU Local 1021, advocating for
the creation of a structural, technological connection between the PCCD Payroll and Human
Resources Departments to enable all employees to accurately track the posting and accounting
of their leave hours. The PCS supports our colleagues having adequate tools and resources in
these departments to handle this important function.
The PCS anticipates that the automation of Employee Leave Reporting will improve
institutional effectiveness and accountability, and build trust among employees. The PCCD
Information Technology (IT) Department may have the talent to address this issue, and the PCS
supports building our IT colleagues' capacity to deal with this overdue need.
As shared governance representatives we request that the District Technology Committee
support the development of an automated Employee Leave Reporting module. Given that
employee salary and benefits account for over 85% of PCCD budget expenditures, the costs of
maintaining the inadequate status quo likely outweigh costs associated with implementing
modules to accurately track leave balances.
The PCS expects that the current evaluation of IT-related processes will highlight this issue, and
we support Chancellor Ortiz and his leadership in managing a satisfactory resolution.
PCS President and Officers