/~recsport/documents/CRSAB Meeting Agenda December 06 2013.docx

Campus Recreation Student Advisory Board
San Francisco State University
December 6, 2013, 12-1pm
Student Services Building, Room 401
Meeting Agenda
1. Roll Call
2. Review/Approval of November 15th Meeting minutes
3. Brief Updates
a. Campus Recreation Department
i. Recent Highlights (November Mini-Brief)
ii. Upcoming Announcements
b. Student Board Member Partner/Entity Brief Updates (2 min ea)
i. Sport Clubs
ii. ASI – Associated Students Incorporated
iii. SAAC – Student Athletic Advisory Committee
iv. RPT – Recreation, Parks, Tourism
v. KIN - Kinesiology
vi. other
4. Recreation and Wellness Center Plans
5. Board Member Suggestions for Campus Rec Improvement or Future Direction –
for Consideration at Full-Time Staff Retreat
6. Upcoming Meetings
a. Spring 2014 CRSAB Meeting Dates: February 7, March 7, April 4, May 2
7. Group Photo
8. Miscellaneous
Action Items:
Each Board Member to review Mini-brief for November (when available), and
be prepared with questions
Each Board Member to be prepared to give Entity Brief Update, up to 2 min.
per entity
Each Board Member to attend a Recreation and Wellness Center Presentation
(choose one):
ASI Board Mtg – Dec. 4, presentation time is at 3pm, Rosa Parks Room,
Cesar Chavez Student Center (Lower Conference Level)
CCSC Board Mtg – Dec. 5, presentation time is at 10:30am, Delmy
Rodriquez Room, Cesar Chavez Student Center (Terrace Level)
Each Board Member to be prepared to give 1-3 suggestions for improvement
or future direction for a part or whole of Campus Recreation.
To help with Action Item #4, the following prompts were developed:
Try going to our Campus Rec Department (CRD) website or FB page for information:
Facebook page:
Let us know what you think will improve the web-based user experience.
Let us know if we are not offering something the campus might want.
Let us know if you have had an experience with something in our program
that could use improvement.
Let us know if you think we are missing something in our Mission
Let us know if we need to be working more closely with another entity oncampus or off-campus, and what that should look like.
Let us know what you want the Rec Wellness Center to be to SF State.
Let us know how we can better reach out to students who are not currently
aware of or using our programs.
Tell us anything else you would like us to know…!