Name ________________ PSCI 4442 Homework #3

Name ________________
PSCI 4442
Homework #3
January 30, 2009
Your participation in this course includes giving a scientific presentation toward the end
of the semester. The presentation will be based on an article from the primary literature, but
sometimes it helps to put things in context first.
Last week you picked out a secondary reference that perhaps generally covered the
topic area over which you will give your talk. The idea in that is to get a “bigger picture” view of
the field in which you might speak.
This week, you will use that secondary reference and perhaps others to identify five
candidate primary articles, one of which you are likely to give your talk over. These primary
references don’t necessarily have to be in your secondary reference, but should be related. List
the five references below using the citation format used in your secondary article, but start
each with the title of the article.
This assignment is due on Friday, February 13, at class time.
Topic area: ____________________________________________________________________
Secondary Reference (repeat it for my benefit): To cite the reference, use the format for
citations used in this secondary reference.
Five primary references (include the title at the start of the citation):
1. ________________________________________________________________________
2. ________________________________________________________________________
3. ________________________________________________________________________
4. ________________________________________________________________________
5. ________________________________________________________________________