Technical Assistance for Civil Society Organisations Croatia Office

Technical Assistance for
Civil Society Organisations
Croatia Office
This project is
financed by EU.
Technical Assistance Service Contract for the implementation of the project “Capacity Building of Civil
Society in the IPA countries and Territories (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Former
Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo under UNSCR 1244/99, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey).
Europe Aid/127427/C/SER/Multi
Short Term Expert(s) or Organisation/Company (legal entity)
To provide Technical Assistance on Financial Management and Reporting
Background of the assignment
General objective of the project “Technical Assistance to Civil Society Organisations” (TACSO) is to
strengthen the overall capacities and accountability of the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) within
the IPA beneficiaries and to guarantee quality of services and sustainable role of the CSOs in the
democratic process.
The main objectives of the project are:
-To increase and improve the capacity and actions of CSOs and
-To improve the democratic role of CSOs.
In the course of the first two years of project, it became clear that financial management is an area of
special concern both for the CSOs implementing EU funded projects and the EU as contracting
authority. The purpose of this assignment is to assist TACSO Office Croatia in improving CSOs
capacities regarding financial management of EU funded projects, with special emphasis on reporting
in accordance with EU and domestic regulations.
Scope of the assignment
Short Term Expert(s) or Organisation/Company (legal entity) will provide assistance to the TACSO
Croatia Office in the following:
Reviewing financial reports of selected EU projects implemented by CSOs and providing
suggestions on improvements needed to satisfy EU and domestic regulations on financial
Providing expert advice to TACSO and CSOs on improving financial management and
reporting in accordance with EU and domestic regulations
Providing direct assistance to CSOs in preparation of financial reports for EU funded projects
Developing user-friendly guidelines on financial reporting for EU funded projects
The assignment will be conducted in close cooperation with TACSO Croatia Office Administrative and
Financial Assistant.
1. Tentative plan for delivery of TA to CSOs
2. Monthly reporting on TA provided to CSOs (in English)
3. Guidelines on financial reporting for EU funded projects
Location of the assignment
Duration and timing of the assignment:
Up to 30 working days in the period from August 2011 – July 2012
Profile of the STE/organization/company:
At least 5 years working experience with financial management and reporting according to EU
Certified to provide accounting and book keeping services
Good knowledge of civil society sector in Croatia
Capability to operate in Croatian and English
Applicants must be independent and free from any conflict of interest.
Monitoring and evaluation of the STE
The activity will be monitored by the TACSO Resident Advisor. The STE or Organisation/Company will
deliver a final mission report to the TACSO Office before remuneration.
Application procedure
Applications must be in English and entail the following:
Letter of intent and availability
Draft of financial requirements
CV for individual applicants or organizational/company background
References from similar assignments
Applications should be submitted no later than August 8, 2011 to [email protected] with the
subject heading „Financial Management and Reporting”. The assignment is conditional on the signing
of the TACSO follow-up contract with the EU.
Call issued on 14 July, 2011