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The best thing to do with your students is to collect data that has to do WITH THEM! The following are a
list of data collection projects you can do with your students:
Number of keys each student has
How much a student paid for their last haircut (include an outlier – how much did Jennifer
Aniston pay for her last hair cut?)
How long do you take getting ready in the morning – a boys vs. girls comparison
Hours of sleep you got last night
Once this data is collected, you can make various plots of your data (dot plots, box plots, histograms,
etc.) Once the different types of plots are made, have the students comment on the Spread (Variability,
IQR and Standard Deviation), Outliers (how do they affect the plots), Center (mean and median), and
Shape (symmetrical, skewed left, skewed right, bimodal, uniform) (SOCS). If data is skewed right or left,
discuss what this does to the mean.