Identify changing constraints that exist during The University of Akron

The University of Akron
Field Experience Information
Course Name: Concepts of Motor Learning & Development
Learning Outcomes:
 Identify changing constraints that exist during
infancy/toddlerhood and will relate those constraints to
specific motor achievements
 Observe and describe motor milestones of infant and toddler
 Consider individual, environmental & task constraints
affecting an infant
 Analyze a specific fundamental locomotor/manipulative motor
skills (i.e. kicking)
Student Assignments/Requirements:
 List constraints that encourage skills, act as rate limiters; discuss
how constraint change through infancy/toddlerhood
 Evaluate how child progresses along motor milestones and
compare norm and criterion reference
 Create questions and strategies to describe less to more skillful
motor milestones
Assessment of Student Learning:
 Explain neurological maturation allowing for arm/leg and
neck/back/trunk strength, balance/posture
 Discuss development in terms of Bayley Scale Infant
Development and Geismar-Ryan Infant-toddler Development
 Analysis of force production, balance, inertia, coordination and
Field Placement Office: 330-972-8144