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Mini Project

Learning Outcome
1. To carry out a complete design of Portal Frame
2. To solve a real engineering problem
3. To demonstrate effective team role and responsibility in the task execution
You are a Structural Engineer in Arora Jururunding Sdn. Bhd. and given a task to design TV
Studio with double layer roof. The total height of TV Studio is 17 m and the roof are supported
by 400 mm x 400 mm reinforce concrete column with 4.8 m distance. The finishing of roof TV
Studio is acoustic board. The task for your team is to provide a complete design on main truss
(inner frame) as provided in the drawing. The design shall use EUROCODE 3 only. The truss
members should be design according to the available size of construction industry market in
Prepare a comprehensive technical report that includes the selection of sizes, list of material
properties and design calculation for this project. In your report, provide costing required for
this frame system. State all assumptions used in the design process.