Greek Mini Project

Greek Mythology MiniProject: Research
This assignment will be worth two
minor grades for Cycle 6. As you
click through the following slides,
you will find your directions!
• Obviously, since you’re on a laptop, you are
using the Internet… Which means…
• On Friday, April 24, we will have a “Works
Cited” lesson after our quiz.
• This means that you need to BOOKMARK in
your browser at least THREE websites that you
use in your research today.
• Wikipedia does not count!!!
Slide #1: Introduction
• 1. Choose a Greek god or goddess.
• 2. On this slide, put their name and picture (or
pictures) of them.
• Somewhere on your slide, you will need to
write your own epithet to describe them. For
example, you could say “King of the Gods” for
Zeus. (If you actually do choose to do Zeus,
you’ll have to make up a different epithet!)
Slide #2: Origin Story
• How was your god or goddess born/created?
Provide the most interesting and pertinent
information in bullet point format.
• This slide should have at least one picture on
it, but you can have more if you want.
Slide #3: Myths & Legends
• This slide should detail a story about your god
or goddess.
• This should be in SHORT paragraph form. This
is basically a summary of a story that you have
• You should use two quotations from a web
source. (The quotations can come from the
same place or be from different sites.)
Slide #4: Allusions
• This slide should contain the definition of an
allusion. This should be featured prominently,
meaning it sticks out to the viewer in some
• In bullet point format, you should detail 2-3
allusions involving your god or goddess.
• The allusions can be from pop culture,
astronomy, other Greek myths, songs, books,
TV shows, etc.
Slide #5: Works Cited
• We will be doing this in class on Friday, April
17th. All you need to do for now is create a
title (“Works Cited”), and leave it blank for
• Greek Mythology gets a little “risque” sometimes.
This means that all pictures put on your slides
should be TASTEFUL. (No nudity.)
• Spelling counts!
• Your slides should be colorful and well-designed
by you.
• After our “Works Cited” lesson on Friday, you will
have more time to work on this. After that, this
“mini-project” will be due on Monday, April 20th.