Case discussion leader instructions and rating form

Introduction to Business
Case Discussion Leader Responsibilities and Rating Form
Case Discussion Leader: _____________________________________________
Case Study Chapter and Case Name: _______________________________________________
As Case Discussion Leader, you will lead a small-group discussion on the case you have each prepared
for. Your responsibility as group leader is to:
1. Introduce yourself to the group first. Then have each group member introduce themselves to the rest
of the members and show you their preparation work. Write all of their names (first and last) on the
form below. Record their preparation work points at this time. Do not do this secretively.
2. Refresh memories by you summarizing the case in 1-2 minutes; present only the concepts in the case,
do NOT discuss answers.
3. Pose the questions at the end of the case to the group members. Prompt each person to share. Finish
sharing before arguing against answers. A different person should be asked to start each answer
sharing round. Keep the pace up, don’t let anyone dominate the time available.
4. You write a short group answer for each question considering, but not necessarily including all
opinions on each question. You the group leader have the final say on the answers.
5. Present any required question(s) to the class. Respond as a team to any follow up questions.
6. Complete the group participation rating form below. Turn in the packet as: this page is the cover
page, page 2 is the team write up, individual preparation papers are stapled to back of the stack.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Group Participation Rating Form
For this grade, you must accurately rate the preparedness and participation of your group members.
Studies show that in group projects it is almost impossible for everyone to do the same amount of work.
Your team will lose points if you give all group members the same score without written pre-approval.
Rate your group members according to the following scale. Show your rankings to the team.
Group member name
(first and last)
Eg: Ben Bernanke
Prep work
done in
+ Discussion
0= little or no content provided
1= too forceful, too passive, low analysis
in content provided
2 = average participation, average content
3= high participation, high quality content,
outstanding team focused effort
= Total points
(0 to 5 per